Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New NUDE Website

Ok.. Another NUDE Blog... But at least I am involved in this one.. :)

I just spent this weekend with Carrie Leigh and her husband Gary reworking their website. Carrie's website has been getting an amazing amount of traffic since the magazine started dominating the bookstores and newsstands. So they thought it was time to update the website. So I got the call to see if I could do it. I am no expert, but I know a little html and stuff. So.. In a weekend... with Carrie breathing down my neck.. We banged out a new website.

One of the cool new features is a flash preview of each of the magazines. Found a cool little program and voila... Cool Little flipbooks. Check here:

Also... Not sure if I mentioned this previously, but this summers issue closes the first year of publishing, so on top of the already amazing collectors boxed set they are offering, Carrie is also, for a limited time offering a discount of a two year subscription that is almost like buying 2 years for the price of one. Cool beans.

BTW.. Most of the big cities around the country have pretty much sold out of the Summer issue already. One book Chain even called Carrie directly to see if they could get more copies... Subscriptions are sounding better if you dont want to miss my next piece in the magazine... If I can get back to the drawing board again.. Busy busy busy around here.