Saturday, September 13, 2008

Almost Here. What a cover! Robert Wuhl Interview.. etc

On or near Sept 18, the new issue of NUDE Magazine, the Fall 2008/ 1st anniversary issue, will finally be out. 

For the first time since the magazine had come out, this issue will also be available on the website. The copies there are available for order now. This is gonna be great news for those who have had trouble finding issues of NUDE when they come out because they sell out so damn fast. I live in Los Angeles. If I do not go out and get mine in the first few days of the release.. they will be gone and I have to scrounge around. 

Entertaining and interesting in the new issue is the comedic and politically driven interview with Robert Wuhl. Robert Wuhl has really funny specials on HBO called "Assume the Position with Mr Wuhl" in which he teaches a college course on interesting and funny fact and myths in American history. It is with this in mind that NUDE talks to "Mr Wuhl" about the present day elections, candidates and politics. It is a great read, and includes an amazing photoshoot by Carrie Leigh of Robert Wuhl as George Washington supported by NUDE Cover Models, the stunning Sydney Brown <3 and this issues beauty Alicia Marie Clark
Alicia Marie Clark... What a way to start off a new year for NUDE. What a cover. Classy and beautiful, you cant help but stare at the cover and fall into the models eyes. Alicia is such a pretty girl and amazing model. I had opportunity to meet Alicia while the cover was being put together and thought she was as pretty in person as in the photos. She is a sweet heart too. I think the world is going to be seeing a lot more of her in the future. The cover is hot, her opening photo of her shoot is absolutely stunning. 

Lots'a great photographers. Artist Eric Wallis, and of course, a new piece by me. Don't miss out on this issue. On Newsstands and Bookstores and Online NUDE Store.