Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall 2009 NUDE and an Adams Family team-up!

Hopefully on stands around November 15, will be the New Fall 2009 issue of NUDE. This issue will not have an individual cover model feature, but a retrospective of all the past cover models, shot by publisher/photographer, Carrie Leigh.

One of the winners of Carrie Leigh's NUDE Magazine's 2nd annual photo contest, John Tisbury, is also featured in this issue. (Photographers, don't forget to enter the 3rd Annual Carrie Leigh's NUDE Magazine photography contest)

A feature I am waiting to see is Veronika Kotlajic. The article is called "The Accidental Muse", and she has and amazing book called "The Muse". All appropriate titles to describe Veronika. I cannot think of another living model who has inspired more artists and photographers today. The only thing I think this feature will not include, is the inspired works of illustrators of Veronika, so I am going to recommend check out her book as well, "The MUSE"

Lots of other great work by great photographers and artists will also pack this issue. Even me! Don't miss it.. You can pre order this issue and (in the USA) get the issue to your door for $9.95.. That is two dollars cheaper than news stand and includes shipping.... Get them before they sell out.. and they do that.. sell out.

Adams Family Team up!

A week ago, my father, Neal Adams, came out to Los Angeles on a business trip and to visit. While visiting, my father went though some of the many unfinished drawings I had strewn all over the place. He pick one out and asked if he could ink it. To those who do not know who Neal is, he is consideder a legend in the comic book industry. One of the best. The whole father thing aside, as a bit of a comic book nerd myself, how cool is it to have Neal Adams in a piece of mine? So ofcourse I said yes. Well, one thing led to another and he inked four really nice pieces. My original intent was to sell these pieces, but I am still spending lots of time staring at them. Maybe when it has worn off I will make them available.


Monday, October 12, 2009

CL NUDE's Summer 2009 edition

Wow.. I am so far behind.

Did you see it? Did you miss it? NUDE's Summer 2009 edition.. It was Hot!.. I say because.. They are wasgone, at least as far as I can get a hold of.. I live in the Los Angeles area, and I cannot find any copies anywhere I look. And I know that the copies made available by direct sale or for new subscriptions are sold out too. I hope you got your subscription in, don't miss the next one.

It was an amazing issue with lots of great photographers, amazing art and a cover model to knock your socks off, Ria Alexander, in another amazing shoot by publisher Carrie Leigh.

Also in this issue is art model Carlotta Champagne, in NUDE's first feature celebrating the models of nude art. Carlotta has been muse to many of the worlds best art nude photographers, and NUDE displays some of this work. The artist's/photographer's muse is hoped to become a regular feature in upcoming issues of NUDE.

This issue fianlly revealed the winners of the 2nd annual photo contest. Winners included Ming-Shiun Wu, and John Tisbury. NUDE has now announced the Third Annual Photo Contest for 2010. Get your entries in now.

Carrie Leigh's NUDE at Long Beach Comic Con (LBCC)

I was at the Long Beach Comic Con, Oct 2-4, and amongst my other work, I brought along My work from, and copies of NUDE Magazine. I wasn't sure what to expect from a comic book crowd having them there, but they got a lot of positive attention and even interest from artists and photographers at the show about how to submit. I think I will continue to bring them with me to shows. I am sure my stash of magazines wont last, but I still have the art I do for it and like it. I can't wait til the next LBCC

I think I may blush!

Model and current Miss MyspaceUSA, Ashlee Ricci has not only just recently listed, having modeled for me for a piece of art that appeared in NUDE, as one of her top ten modeling experiences, but listed me as #1 on the list. Above Playboy, Myspace, and working with a lot of amazing photographers. See her interview here.

Ok... New issue comic soon.. I will try to be on the ball this time.. I have a nice piece in the new one.. Til then!