Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter 2009 Issue of NUDE

So… I am excited. Sometime in the beginning of January, my friends at NUDE are releasing their 6th art packed issue of Carrie Leigh’s NUDE Magazine.

Sell out issue after sell out issue, Carrie and her staff are still finding the best talent out there in artistic nude photography and art and putting them all together for you.

This issue brings the talented work of Gigi Stoll, A.J. Kahn, Joris Van Daele, Mark Hoppe, Christophe Vermare, Norbert Gutheir, Sylvie Blum, Carrie Leigh, and Kim Weston. With Features with Pop Artist Mel Ramos, Nude art collector and aficionado Don Sanders and an exclusive interview with Hollywood and Broadway icon, and civil rights activist, Ruby Dee.

And of course there is one of my favorite parts of Carrie’s magazine… The Cover Model. Aside from being an amazing photographer, the other thing I would definitely credit Carrie Leigh with is picking cover models. Every new model is as beautiful as the last. (There are men’s magazines out there that should chose as well as she does.)

Anastasia Esper is the new cover model for the Winter 2009 issue of NUDE, and what a way to start off 2009. I am so in love with this model, and it is obvious from what I have seen so far, Carrie’s camera loves her too. Carrie was obviously inspired working with Anastasia. So much so I have pestered Carrie for prints of some of the images… And I will continue to pester her till I get them.. ☺

You have to get this issue and see what I am talking about. Preview it here

If you manage to get past the loveliness of Anastasia and her pictures, you may find that I have a new piece in the issue too. Just one… in the middle somewhere.. Maybe you want to look for it before you go to Anastasia?.. so you will see it.

If you are a newcomer to NUDE Magazine and missed the first issues, I can’t say enough about how amazing the year one boxed collection is.. I really should have mentioned this earlier, before Christmas. It would make a great gift or addition to your own collections. The individual issues on EBay have gone for between $30 and $50. The Boxed set comes with each issues individually shrink-wrapped and set in a protective box with a certificate of authenticity signed by publisher and photographer Carrie Leigh. It is a great deal.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Get NUDE for Christmas

Give the gift of art, with a holiday subscription to NUDE Magazine. From now til December 18 you can share with friends and loved ones, the world's most collectable, premiere fine art and photography magazine.

The gift subscription includes one year, 4 issues, of Carrie Leigh's NUDE Magazine, starting with the upcoming Winter 2009 issue. Your recipient will also recieve, before Christmas, a card announcing your gift.

4 issues plus a holiday announcement card for the amazing price of 34.95 (shipping included)
Offer expires after December 18 2008, and is available in the United States only.

Get Your Gift Subscription Now

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NUDE Magazine's Second Annual Photography Contest

Carrie Leigh's NUDE Magazine, is giving back to the world of fine art! Because of the publics support support, the magazines subscriptions and distribution has exceeded expectations. As a thank you, NUDE is now offering CASH PRIZES as well as an EXHIBIT in NUDE's Second Annual Photography Contest!!!

Due to the magazine's unprecidented growth, in the collapse of the world's financial market, NUDE has LOWERED their photography contest entry fees and have added a CASH PRIZE BONUS for the winners!!! Carrie Leigh wants to share NUDE's good fortune and give back to the world of fine art!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Almost Here. What a cover! Robert Wuhl Interview.. etc

On or near Sept 18, the new issue of NUDE Magazine, the Fall 2008/ 1st anniversary issue, will finally be out. 

For the first time since the magazine had come out, this issue will also be available on the website. The copies there are available for order now. This is gonna be great news for those who have had trouble finding issues of NUDE when they come out because they sell out so damn fast. I live in Los Angeles. If I do not go out and get mine in the first few days of the release.. they will be gone and I have to scrounge around. 

Entertaining and interesting in the new issue is the comedic and politically driven interview with Robert Wuhl. Robert Wuhl has really funny specials on HBO called "Assume the Position with Mr Wuhl" in which he teaches a college course on interesting and funny fact and myths in American history. It is with this in mind that NUDE talks to "Mr Wuhl" about the present day elections, candidates and politics. It is a great read, and includes an amazing photoshoot by Carrie Leigh of Robert Wuhl as George Washington supported by NUDE Cover Models, the stunning Sydney Brown <3 and this issues beauty Alicia Marie Clark
Alicia Marie Clark... What a way to start off a new year for NUDE. What a cover. Classy and beautiful, you cant help but stare at the cover and fall into the models eyes. Alicia is such a pretty girl and amazing model. I had opportunity to meet Alicia while the cover was being put together and thought she was as pretty in person as in the photos. She is a sweet heart too. I think the world is going to be seeing a lot more of her in the future. The cover is hot, her opening photo of her shoot is absolutely stunning. 

Lots'a great photographers. Artist Eric Wallis, and of course, a new piece by me. Don't miss out on this issue. On Newsstands and Bookstores and Online NUDE Store.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Practice Piece

I haven't been drawing much lately. I had other JOB related stuff to do. but I am getting back into it. This was a warm up piece for the new work I will have in the Fall issue of NUDE. I got it done just in time. 


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nude News

Wow... I have mentioned in a previous blog about the the success of Carrie Leigh's Magazine compare to the failures of so many, one time popular, magazines today. This is really amazing because NUDE is not a sports or entertainment magazine, nor is it an erotic men's magazine even though it contains nude images and it's name is "NUDE".  

NUDE is a fine art, black and white, artist nude art magazine, and it is not only selling off racks as soon as it hits, but it is being talked about and making news.


LOS ANGELES, July 18, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ ----Fine art publisher Carrie Leigh announced today that she has expanded Nude Magazine's distribution base. With the release of the summer issue, in stores now, Ms. Leigh says that she has added Barnes and Noble to her existing distribution base which includes Borders, Joseph Beth, Hastings and other fine booksellers and newsstands throughout America.

In meeting her first year's goal for the United States Distribution of Carrie Leigh's Nude, she also says that she is now looking to expand distribution in foreign markets that presently include: Canada, Germany, Austria, New Zealand, Australia, Luxembourg and Brazil.

Fine art photographer Carrie Leigh, who lived with Hugh Hefner in the early to late 1980's founded Nude in 2007 to fill a void in the publishing world. According to Ms. Leigh, "there was not an outlet for established artists or undiscovered talent to have their work seen by the world, so we created one."

Carrie Leigh's Nude is a high end plate printed, sheet feed art quarterly that has been called a book disguised as a magazine which has been embraced by art aficionados throughout the world.


CARMEL, Calif., Aug 01, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ ----The success of Carrie Leigh's NUDE Magazine has set a new standard for the world of fine art aficionados, says historian, lecturer and photographer Kim Weston. "Imagine, it has taken almost fifty years for America to catch up with the rest of the world in how the female form is viewed as art and not pornography. In Europe and Japan the female body has been viewed in the way NUDE portrays it for decades and now finally in America we have a publication that breaks new ground for artistic freedom. My grandfather, the legendary photographer, Edward Weston, had spent his last years attempting, but with no success, to publish his work in a format similar to Carrie Leigh's NUDE." Weston says, "Ironically, it took decades for Edward's work to be published by the Getty Museum, and now we have a quarterly fine art magazine that exhibits the finest fine art photographers."

Weston continues, "Considering that twenty years ago photographer Carrie Leigh was titled the First Lady of Playboy, who would have guessed that both her talent and taste, in art, would be the tremendous force that is now establishing the way the world sees the female form.

"I have had the pleasure of both exhibiting in NUDE and working with Carrie Leigh," adds Weston, "and I can truly say that her talent as a artist and a curator will be felt for years to come."


Playboy's Former First Lady, Carrie Leigh Signs Multi Million Dollar Distribution Contract for NUDE Magazine

LOS ANGELES, Aug 05, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Rider Circulation Services has announced that publisher Carrie Leigh has signed a multi year multi million dollar extension contract for the distribution of her magazine NUDE. According to Mike Werner, "in it's first year Carrie Leigh's NUDE has established itself as the leader in the fine art world and it's growth is unprecedented for a magazine of it's gender Since its release in September 2007, Carrie Leigh's NUDE has become one of the fastest growing publications in many years and we are pleased to be the distributors of this title. In addition to NUDE, Rider Circulation Services has offered Ms. Leigh a development deal for future titles."

"Ms. Leigh's is a very astute publisher," adds Mr. Werner, "therefore because she has proven that she has the ability to create print product for niche markets we have extended her distribution contact to include all new titles she wishes to produce."

Gary Frischer, spokesperson for the Carrie Leigh Publishing Group confirms that, "Carrie is obviously pleased with her new contact and we are developing another title but are very cautious in that we believe that it is a mistake to produce a magazine that is replicated by thousands of internet sites. NUDE is a one of a kind high quality magazine that Carrie Leigh created with every element of fine art and photography in mind. Her goal was to place a fine art quarterly back on the coffee table and by the success of NUDE she has obviously succeeded. The new publication will have the same quality and impact of NUDE and we are looking forwards to its launch in 2009."

SOURCE Rider Circulation Services
Copyright (C) 2008 PR Newswire. All rights reserved


To me this is all amazing.. I am sooooo proud of my friends who put this all together. I am honored to have my little part in it as an artist, and I am hoping to see the magazine go on  for a long time.

With the chaos going on in this country and the world around us, and puritanical values that, at times, seemed to be being force upon us, that art and artistic nudity can find it's place and be successful.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New NUDE Website

Ok.. Another NUDE Blog... But at least I am involved in this one.. :)

I just spent this weekend with Carrie Leigh and her husband Gary reworking their website. Carrie's website has been getting an amazing amount of traffic since the magazine started dominating the bookstores and newsstands. So they thought it was time to update the website. So I got the call to see if I could do it. I am no expert, but I know a little html and stuff. So.. In a weekend... with Carrie breathing down my neck.. We banged out a new website.

One of the cool new features is a flash preview of each of the magazines. Found a cool little program and voila... Cool Little flipbooks. Check here:

Also... Not sure if I mentioned this previously, but this summers issue closes the first year of publishing, so on top of the already amazing collectors boxed set they are offering, Carrie is also, for a limited time offering a discount of a two year subscription that is almost like buying 2 years for the price of one. Cool beans.

BTW.. Most of the big cities around the country have pretty much sold out of the Summer issue already. One book Chain even called Carrie directly to see if they could get more copies... Subscriptions are sounding better if you dont want to miss my next piece in the magazine... If I can get back to the drawing board again.. Busy busy busy around here.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Something Special

New from my friends at Carrie Leigh's NUDE Magazine. At the distributors warehouse, they found 8 boxes of the Premiere issue. 

To celebrate the release of the latest issue which completes their first year of publishing, they are combining those with the other three in a limited, collectors boxed edition. Issues 1 and 3 outside of this boxed set are completely gone and have been seen on Ebay for prices between 30 and 50 dollars each. This boxed set comes with these as the rest including the New Summer issue and a certificate of authenticity signed by Carrie Leigh...

There are only 250 copies available.

PS. Summer issue comes out in about a week or so. New work by me... go get it. :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ok.. I just had to pass this on....

Carrie Leigh, Joel Adams, Nude Magazine, SubscriptionsI am really gonna have to get some new work done soon. This is gonna look like a NUDE Magazine blog soon, but I had to pass this on because I think this is cool news for those interested in not missing any of my new work in upcoming issues [insert really big grin].

Carrie Leigh's NUDE Magazine to celebrate the completion of their first year publishing, has added to their subscriptions, a 2 year subscription at a greater discount. 2 years? That is at least 8 more pieces by me to see. [Insert bigger grin]

Take a look and see, but do it soon.. I am not sure how long this will last.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So I was at the NUDE offices today....

Carrie Leigh, Carrie Leigh's NUDE, Nude Magazine, Joel Adams, fine art, photography, Sydney Brown, Chanon Finley
...really just to get another look at the new cover for the Summer 2008 NUDE, but I entered to see Carrie standing there smiling, holding out a bunch of print outs and asking what I thought. I asked what I was looking at and she said "Winners". I then knew what I had been looking at. The winners of NUDE's First Annual Photography Contest... Cool huh?

For those who may be unaware, Carrie Leigh's NUDE Magazine hosts what is probably the most prestigious, fine art nude photography contest... Internationally. This is the only event where nude photography is featured as it's own category and the winners are published in print worldwide. There was some really amazing work turned in from all around the world. The winning works are beautiful.. To see who won the contest and to get information on the next contest, visit below.

Ok... The Cover Model... 


Before I go on, I just want to say that what follows, takes nothing away from NUDE's Premiere cover model, Sydney <3. Sydney <3 is my personal goddess. To me she is a young Cindy Crawford and Famke Jensen all wrapped up in one. She is a true beauty.

Summer 2008 Cover model? HHHOOOTTTTT!!!! Wow! I was stunned when Carrie handed me the cover last week. This issue wraps up the first year of NUDE Magazine. And what a way to do it... Yeah, I know, the magazine is not about the cover models... This issue is packed with really amazing photography, by really amazing photographers... but between you and me... The cover gets people (who may not already be fans of the magazine) to pick the magazine up... I will always say that Sydney <3 sold the first issue.. This next issue Chanon Finley will be selling it.. I don't care if inside the magazine they have Jessica's Alba, Simpson, and Biel NUDE... Chanon is selling this issue. She is stunning. Really Stunning. And her shoot with Carrie Leigh is really amazing. 

Don't miss this issue because, aside from everything else I have mentioned,... I have a new piece in the magazine.

"Don't miss this issue", brings up one more point I would like to mention... Now you can not only find NUDE magazine at most major news stands, Borders Books and Hastings Books... Now, NUDE Magazine can also be purchased at Barnes and Noble book stores.  Remember though.... NUDE Magazine sells out fast. Every issue, so far, has pretty much sold out of most places in the first week. With a cover and issue like this? It is gonna sell fast. Be safe with a subscription.

Oh yeah... Since this is my blog and I should talk a little about myself . :)  Glamour-Con 42 was this past weekend. I can honestly say, I was surprised. Rewind a bit. Glamour-Con is a convention of sorts that brings Playmates old and new as well as erotic models and artist to the fans. I believe the show is sponsored, in some way, by Playboy magazine. I hadn't been to a Glamour-con in a few years. It really wasn't much of a show at the time. This time, new hotel, bigger ballroom, and lots of models. The biggest surprise though was the Saturday turnout. Lots of people.

I did pretty good.. Sold a bunch of sketch books old and new, and I sold a few prints. Bet If I had Sydney <3 there, I would have sold out ;)

It was a good show. I may do the next one in November. Look for me... New work posting soon!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Sketchbook for GlamourCon

Carrie Leigh, Carrie Leigh's NUDE, Nude Magazine, Joel Adams, fine art, photography, Glamour Con
New for the Glamour Con Los Angeles. I have taken a lot of the new work I have done for NUDE Magazine, and other works like it , and put it together in a little 24 page "Ash-can" style sketchbook. So far I have only had 60 copies printed for the Glamour Con.. If it does well I will print more for the website and Comic Con. I am hoping though to get a lot more of this work together to produce a real art book of it. I will post if I have soon if I have any to sell on website. But I warn.. I am really slow at shipping stuff out. 

PS.. Oh yeah.. I saw the cover to the summer issue of NUDE.. SWEEEEEET!.. The new cover model is hot! It is yet another great issue by Carrie Leigh... No slowing them down huh.. When other magazines are going under and falling apart. NUDE seems to be getting better. I can't wait for it to come out.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Sketch 03/27/08

Carrie Leigh, Carrie Leigh's NUDE, Nude Magazine, Joel Adams, fine art, photography, nude art, artistic nude
I have been slacking.. I don't think that I actually picked up a pencil for 3 weeks.

Motivated by someone who is a big fan of my work, I broke out my "magic reds" and started sketching this morning. The model is a long time friend (Ann).

Maybe I will take this one to a tighter piece. Got lots to do before that.


Sunday, March 2, 2008

NUDE Magazine, Spring 2008

Carrie Leigh, Carrie Leigh's NUDE, Nude Magazine, Joel Adams, fine art, photography, nude art, artistic nude, Roxanne Ramirez, Lucien Clergue
Photographer/Publisher Carrie Leigh, has done it again. The spring 2008 issue is the 3rd print masterpiece of Carrie Leigh's NUDE Magazine.

This issue features an article on "The French Influence" and is packed full of the work of many great French photographers including the work and interview by Carrie Leigh, of French master photographer Lucien Clergue.

This issue issues photographers include: Carrie Leigh, Perry Gallagher, Michael Helms, Antoine De Villers, Wolf, Jean Francois Damios Pascal Renoux, Francois Benveniste, Yvan Teule, Art Zilio, and Norbert Guthier. An intimate interview with Kim Weston. Hot covermodel Roxanne Ramirez, and the art works of Craig Srebnik and.... Me!

A Preview of my work

Get the magazine when it comes out.. Near as I can figure, sometime around the second week of March.. around the 8th. Get it fast because the first two issues disappeared fast or, do the smart thing and get yourself a subscription.


New art