Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ok.. I just had to pass this on....

Carrie Leigh, Joel Adams, Nude Magazine, SubscriptionsI am really gonna have to get some new work done soon. This is gonna look like a NUDE Magazine blog soon, but I had to pass this on because I think this is cool news for those interested in not missing any of my new work in upcoming issues [insert really big grin].

Carrie Leigh's NUDE Magazine to celebrate the completion of their first year publishing, has added to their subscriptions, a 2 year subscription at a greater discount. 2 years? That is at least 8 more pieces by me to see. [Insert bigger grin]

Take a look and see, but do it soon.. I am not sure how long this will last.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So I was at the NUDE offices today....

Carrie Leigh, Carrie Leigh's NUDE, Nude Magazine, Joel Adams, fine art, photography, Sydney Brown, Chanon Finley
...really just to get another look at the new cover for the Summer 2008 NUDE, but I entered to see Carrie standing there smiling, holding out a bunch of print outs and asking what I thought. I asked what I was looking at and she said "Winners". I then knew what I had been looking at. The winners of NUDE's First Annual Photography Contest... Cool huh?

For those who may be unaware, Carrie Leigh's NUDE Magazine hosts what is probably the most prestigious, fine art nude photography contest... Internationally. This is the only event where nude photography is featured as it's own category and the winners are published in print worldwide. There was some really amazing work turned in from all around the world. The winning works are beautiful.. To see who won the contest and to get information on the next contest, visit below.

Ok... The Cover Model... 


Before I go on, I just want to say that what follows, takes nothing away from NUDE's Premiere cover model, Sydney <3. Sydney <3 is my personal goddess. To me she is a young Cindy Crawford and Famke Jensen all wrapped up in one. She is a true beauty.

Summer 2008 Cover model? HHHOOOTTTTT!!!! Wow! I was stunned when Carrie handed me the cover last week. This issue wraps up the first year of NUDE Magazine. And what a way to do it... Yeah, I know, the magazine is not about the cover models... This issue is packed with really amazing photography, by really amazing photographers... but between you and me... The cover gets people (who may not already be fans of the magazine) to pick the magazine up... I will always say that Sydney <3 sold the first issue.. This next issue Chanon Finley will be selling it.. I don't care if inside the magazine they have Jessica's Alba, Simpson, and Biel NUDE... Chanon is selling this issue. She is stunning. Really Stunning. And her shoot with Carrie Leigh is really amazing. 

Don't miss this issue because, aside from everything else I have mentioned,... I have a new piece in the magazine.

"Don't miss this issue", brings up one more point I would like to mention... Now you can not only find NUDE magazine at most major news stands, Borders Books and Hastings Books... Now, NUDE Magazine can also be purchased at Barnes and Noble book stores.  Remember though.... NUDE Magazine sells out fast. Every issue, so far, has pretty much sold out of most places in the first week. With a cover and issue like this? It is gonna sell fast. Be safe with a subscription.

Oh yeah... Since this is my blog and I should talk a little about myself . :)  Glamour-Con 42 was this past weekend. I can honestly say, I was surprised. Rewind a bit. Glamour-Con is a convention of sorts that brings Playmates old and new as well as erotic models and artist to the fans. I believe the show is sponsored, in some way, by Playboy magazine. I hadn't been to a Glamour-con in a few years. It really wasn't much of a show at the time. This time, new hotel, bigger ballroom, and lots of models. The biggest surprise though was the Saturday turnout. Lots of people.

I did pretty good.. Sold a bunch of sketch books old and new, and I sold a few prints. Bet If I had Sydney <3 there, I would have sold out ;)

It was a good show. I may do the next one in November. Look for me... New work posting soon!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Sketchbook for GlamourCon

Carrie Leigh, Carrie Leigh's NUDE, Nude Magazine, Joel Adams, fine art, photography, Glamour Con
New for the Glamour Con Los Angeles. I have taken a lot of the new work I have done for NUDE Magazine, and other works like it , and put it together in a little 24 page "Ash-can" style sketchbook. So far I have only had 60 copies printed for the Glamour Con.. If it does well I will print more for the website and Comic Con. I am hoping though to get a lot more of this work together to produce a real art book of it. I will post if I have soon if I have any to sell on website. But I warn.. I am really slow at shipping stuff out. 

PS.. Oh yeah.. I saw the cover to the summer issue of NUDE.. SWEEEEEET!.. The new cover model is hot! It is yet another great issue by Carrie Leigh... No slowing them down huh.. When other magazines are going under and falling apart. NUDE seems to be getting better. I can't wait for it to come out.