Saturday, June 30, 2012

Now that this blog is no longer needed to promote Carrie Leigh's NUDE Magazine, Carrie suggested to me that I take the blog back... back in the beginnings of the magazine I had been using the blog so much to promote the magazine that I suggested it be used as the official Magazine Blog. So now it has come around full circle.

There are those subscribed to this that will be uninterested in my work and I am sure my followers will drop... It happens.

To those who stay around. I will try to keep it interesting. New and noteworthy, I will be appearing at The San Diego Comic-Con July 11-15, with most of my family there doing signings. I may post Comic Con updates from the show for any who may be interested in the insanity that is a comic con. The image posted above is a quick red pencil drawing I did of my friend Nikki. My go to model. More to come!