Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Next Generation of NUDE

Four years ago Borders Books in Hollywood held a Launch Party for Carrie Leigh's NUDE magazine. This event put us on the map. As we bid a fond farewell to the American bookstore institution, we want readers to know we have been in the process of reinventing NUDE.

Even American institutions must change with the times or die; unfortunately, Borders did not change.  Sadly, Borders is liquidating all their stores. Barnes & Noble has already closed over 1,000 stores in the past few years but remains in business due to the NOOK. Financial statements from the first quarter of 2011 reflect 75 percent of revenue came from NOOK sales.

As we have spent the past four years creating a market for our publication, we now find the existing delivery system, i.e., the major bookstore chains, is quickly becoming extinct. As we mentioned a couple months ago, our present distribution contract will expire this month. Look for more on this in another post.

We have taken some time to consider all options and to weigh where the future of NUDE should take us. Stay tuned. A new generation of NUDE is in the works and will include a choice of options for our subscribers.

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