Saturday, September 22, 2007

Borders Books Hollywood launches "Carrie Leigh's 'NUDE' Magazine"

Borders Books Hollywood launches "Carrie Leigh's "NUDE" Magazine".

In attendance will be:

Photographer / Publisher, Carrie Leigh.

NUDE Magazine's first cover model, the stunning Sydney Brown <3, and other feature "NUDE" Models.

The first issue of "NUDE" features 8 Great Photographers, In attendance will be Photgraphers: Perry Gallagher and Nick Ash.

And on-going contributing artist, Joel Adams.

The event takes place October 5th, at Borders Books - Hollywood, at 7 pm.

1501 Vine St.
Hollywood, CA 90028
Phone: 323.463.8519

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Carrie Leigh's "NUDE" Magazine - Out Now

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Finally! It is out.. Carrie Leigh, a long time friend has published a wonderful magazine called "NUDE". It is not a "nudie" magazine and not filled with the typical, commercial, Playboy or Penthouse work. It is a black and white, very high quality magazine featuring work of mostly photographers, from around the world. Names like Carrie Leigh, Dave Rudin, Jorris Van Dahle, Calvalto, Nick Ash, Norbert Guthier, Perry Gallager, Kim Westin, and legendary names like Stan Malinowski.

The magazine celebrates, artistically, the female form. I like to refer to the magazine as a quarterly "coffee table book". The quality is amazing from the work inside, to the print quality, to the paper and cover stock/ When you hold it, it doesn't feel like a magazine, but more like an soft cover art book.

I have two pieces and an interview in this issue. Following this, I will have a double page spread in every issue.. Cuz I'm cool like that. :D

Check my name out on the cover... If you can get past the cover model, Sydney<3.. . How beautiful is she.. What a great picture. Below is a list of locations in the United States of where to get this Magazine.. (Sold out, so I edited out locations 10/11/07)

My work in Carrie Leighs "NUDE" Magazine

Out now, is a new black and white artistic nude magazine. It will be called Carrie Leigh's "NUDE". It is magazine of artistic nude photography and art, and not playboy, penthouse, or hustler nudes.

I am honored to be in the premeire issue with two pieces and an interview. After this issue, every following issue with have a double page spread by me. It should be cool..

Below are some images that were not used in the magazine.
Because My lilz are attracting a younger audience I have added... bras.. to the work. But I maybe soon on my sketchbook website.. I may put up the uncovered images. Either way. I am hoping to put out a book of work like this for next year.. Crossing fingers

Sorry for the censorship.


PS Thank you Nik(my beautiful model, best friend for 10 years and agent). You are the best. Luv U

What I couldnt fit in my "About me"

I come from a family of artists. My father is Comicbook legend Neal Adams, My Mother Cory, colored comicbooks. My brother Jason, is a sculptor, my brother Josh is in art school and is well on his way to becoming a comicbook artist. My sister Kristine, is one of my fathers representatives as well as publisher, and my Sister Zeea is a video editor helps to runs my fathers video editing department at his New York Commercial art studio. His wife Marilyn was an art director for some of the biggest advertising firms in NYC and now works with most of the family in his NYC studio.

My career until now, with out going too much into it can be found below

My Resume

Today, I am branching out on my own. I began developing my own styles, and my own licenses.

Lilz got its start as a bunch of fun drawings I began showing in various online group. I wasn't expecting such a favorable reaction from them, but with its popularity also came internet piracy. A business was formed that would license artists work to people on the internet to use for a nominal fee. This business has grown since it inception, and has branched out into several competing companies. The one I am with CILM, leads the way in not only turning this into a real business, but also take great efforts to educate it's user on the damage that piracy can be to the people who create the work that they obviously like to look at and play with.

Because of the Lilz popularity I am making big pushes to get them into stores and such on physical merchandise. I am hoping that in or by 2008 to have this ball rolling with t-shirts. I am also looking into figurines and ornaments and anything else I can put them on. As cute as they are, it is not easy. I do not have big toy companies or television networks behind me. I'd rather not sell out. I do have an agent working very hard for me to try to make this happen.

Lilz is not all I do. I also still dabble in comics and Pinup Art. Most recently (09/07) My work is being featured in a New Artistic nude Magazine called Carrie Leigh's "NUDE", but I will write more about this in my blog.

If you have actually made it this far. Cool!. Thanks for reading, and stick around..