Friday, December 14, 2007

Nikki and Linda's Hair

Nude Magazine, Joel Adams, fine art, photography, nude art, artistic nude,
Two of my favorite models.. Well only one actually modeled for me. Nikki, I draw a lot. She is my best friend, shark enthusiast, beautiful, and has great hair. I love this image. It was from a picture where she wasn't really ready for the pic. (Pre-mature shutter release). Not ready, but a captured moment I think was great.

Joel Adams, fine art, photography, nude art, artistic nude, Linda O'neil

Linda O'Neil never modeled for me. This was from a found photo. She has always been one of my favorite models and like Nikki... has great hair. :)

NUDE Magazine update... Winter storms have delayed the magazine release. Trucks carrying issue 2, the winter issue, have been slowed if not stopped by bad weather across the country. Hopes are west coast should release this weekend at newsstands. Middle states should get it at the beginning of next week, and the east coast should be getting it next weekend... Should being the operative word.

Hey... Maybe I can get NUDE's "Sydney Brown <3" to model for me? Hmmmmm.... She's Hot :)