Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Sketchbook for GlamourCon

Carrie Leigh, Carrie Leigh's NUDE, Nude Magazine, Joel Adams, fine art, photography, Glamour Con
New for the Glamour Con Los Angeles. I have taken a lot of the new work I have done for NUDE Magazine, and other works like it , and put it together in a little 24 page "Ash-can" style sketchbook. So far I have only had 60 copies printed for the Glamour Con.. If it does well I will print more for the website and Comic Con. I am hoping though to get a lot more of this work together to produce a real art book of it. I will post if I have soon if I have any to sell on website. But I warn.. I am really slow at shipping stuff out. 

PS.. Oh yeah.. I saw the cover to the summer issue of NUDE.. SWEEEEEET!.. The new cover model is hot! It is yet another great issue by Carrie Leigh... No slowing them down huh.. When other magazines are going under and falling apart. NUDE seems to be getting better. I can't wait for it to come out.