Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wacom Sketching

Save a tree, buy a Wacom.

A couple of years back. One of the guys in my studio came to me and said that Wacom had a new product out, a new monitor tablet, and that Wacom could send a representative over to demonstrate it.

I said, "not interested", it is gonna cost a fortune and the novelty will eventually fade, and we will be back to mouses and separate tablets in no time.

They went and had the representative come by anyway...

From the room were they were doing the demonstration, I heard the ooohs and aaahs, and eventually I went over to look at this very expensive toy....

$2600's later not only did I end up with the Wacom Cintiqu monitor, but I was the only one in the studio who did get one.. Figures right?

But I will say this, today, I don't know that I could work without one.. God forbid this thing breaks and I can't afford another one for a while. It has become as much a part of what I do as a pencil and paper and in some cases, is replacing the pencil and paper. The attached image is just a quick sketch 30 minutes. Something I like to do to keep my hand loose of work out ideas of just play. It is all digital in Photoshop. I even have a brush that mimics pencil.

The work I do for NUDE magazine is still done the traditional way, mostly because I like to have an original to sell, but also because I still need practice in doing finished art on the tablet... But man.. I love the sketching, and one day, I am sure I wont need paper anymore...