Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Art - Candy Stripper

Some more new art. I have been very busy doing 'day job' work, which though it is creative, it is not my work. 'Candy Striper' named because of the spiral stripes on the stockings, I did in one evening at home. I know that I will receive some comments about the body proportions, but the model was only 5 feet tall.

The other images 'Twins' is the same model, but due to a screw up on the hair and my hatred of erasers, she ended up a brunette. I usually do not sell this work, but I am consirdering selling 'Candy Striper'. I will post on my sketchbook site if I do.

More work coming soon.. I am trying to put more time in on my work and the Lilz, my other venture.

Don't forget NUDE magazine. The new issue is shipping soon. I have a new piece in it. If you pre-order now, you can get the new issue delivered to your door for the same price you would get them at a store. It is a great deal, and as fast as NUDE sells out, why risk not getting to the store fast enough