Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another look at Franchesco!

One of the most amazing things I have been able to do with my association with Carrie Leigh, and NUDE magazine, is introduce to them the idea that within an industry such as "comic books", are pearls of talent that can be appreciated beyond their field. So I began introducing Carrie to different illustrators and comic book artists. For the Spring 2009 issue, Carrie chose one. (Just happened to be one of my favorites).


Franchesco! himself has told me of the great response he has gotten from his appearance in the magazine. I think it is an amazing step in exposing some of the great talents that exist in what many consider to be a "low brow" art form, having had him in the magazine. Europeans, especially the french, say that Comic books and Jazz are the only truely American art forms.

Franchesco! has recently posted on his Deviantart page "Precious Pearls". I thought it would be nice to show here since he is now a published NUDE Magazine artist.

See more of the work of Franchesco! on his website and his deviantart page.


PS.. Carrie has let me know that for the Winter 2009 NUDE Magazine online price, is going to stay at the low presale prices. Take advantage and save some money and order yours online today

PSS... If you were here looking for my (Joel's) latest work, it is on my drawing a day blog.