Sunday, March 7, 2010

NUDE Magazine Flashback- Carrie Leigh: Anastasia

It seems that everyone liked the Nick Ash flashback we did the other week. This time, an amazing photographer and the publisher of NUDE, Carrie Leigh, and her cover model shoot of one of my personal favorites of the NUDE cover models, Anastasia.

I had heard Carrie refer to Anastasia during the time they worked together as her muse, and got the impression that it may have been one of her best artist and model connections since she began NUDE. It really shows in this shoot.

So... from the Winter 2009 issue of NUDE, I bring you Carrie Leigh's beautiful cover model shoot of:

Anastasia Esper
Photographed by Carrie Leigh

The arts have always been where the core of my being thrives. As a child, I was exposed to a broad spectrum of creative expression. Through my mother, an artist, and my father, a musician, I had an ideal environment to let my natural attraction to the arts flourish. I savored everything freely defining each and every emotion or idea in my head with poetry, composing, or feeling a song through an instrument.

I was around twelve when I was first introduced to theatre. Acting became a new vessel to lose myself in. My love for acting was so strong that I decided after my first theatrical production that this was the career for me. It was in the pursuit of my dream that led me to simultaneously explore the world of modeling. This, in turn, is what brought me to the very pages of NUDE.

The first time I picked up NUDE Magazine, I was captivated. The empowerment and incredible beauty that resonated through each page held me for moments at a time. I made my best efforts to absorb each image, so I could forever have it with me. I’ve always been taken by the female form. I find it very powerful and oddly controversial. Whether its provoking shock and dismay by its mere natural sexuality, inebriating some with lust, or simply being embraced and admired for the exquisite creation it is, it never seems to fail in creating a strong reaction. This is why I find the word powerful so appropriate. NUDE, I felt, captured and represented the female form in a way that spoke to me most.

The women in NUDE own themselves. They stand empowered in their glory and are skillfully complimented with artistic ambiance. To be in the pages of this masterpiece of a magazine is a huge honor. When Carrie informed me that she wanted me to be the cover model for this issue, to say the least, I was very excited! Working with Carrie has been an amazing experience. We had an artist chemistry between us that strongly came into play through the photographs.

This was my first nude photo shoot. Carrie’s mesmerizing creativity inspired me as well as encouraged me to learn more about the creative process of photography. She welcomed any questions and comments I had and made me feel that I was truly part of a team. From the initial concept of shooting on the beach to wherever the creative process took us, I really loved the whole experience.


So lovely...

Btw.. It has come to my attention that later this month, will no longer be offering back issues of NUDE. They will offer pre-sales, and subscriptions only. Don't miss out on any amazing issues because your bookstores didn't order enough. Subscribe today and get it delivered in bubble wrapped packages to your door for less than the store prices.