Monday, April 19, 2010


Lady Godiva by John Collier

Art reflects the time.
Art reflects emotion.
Art makes a political statement.

The next issue returns art to its origins. As the international media has already reported, we captured nudes in the midst of the ruins of Detroit, a once-great world city. Since the dawn of time, an image is worth a thousand words. NUDE reveals where billions of U.S. taxpayers' bailout dollars have gone.

In London, who better to show the Queen without her clothes than another woman? Almost a thousand years ago, Lady Godiva threw off her clothes and rode down England's cobblestone streets in protest of the crown. The cobblestone streets are still there and, in a NUDE exclusive, a female photographer takes her models in broad daylight down the same cobblestone streets to London's grand institutions. This issue will bare it all.

As always, the Spring 2010 issue will also be a timeless visual treat.