Sunday, August 29, 2010


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Carrie Leigh’s NUDE is an international art quarterly founded in Los Angeles, Calif., in 2007 by Carrie Leigh Publishing Group. The publication has no advertising and is funded by subscriptions and bookstore sales. The magazine has grown into an internationally recognized brand with fine art photographer Carrie Leigh now one of the world’s top female publishers. Leigh was the First Lady of the Playboy mansion in the 1980s.

NUDE is printed on a sheet-fed, plate printing press on heavy matte satin paper.

In August 2008 NUDE was one of the fastest growing publications in a suffering magazine industry. In November 2008, NUDE launched its first annual contest. Winners are announced in the Summer issue.

The magazine has published numerous fashion and fine art photographers, painters, and other artists, including Kim Weston, Leonard Nimoy, Mel Ramos, Franchesco, Stan Malinowski, Ralph Gibson, Henry Asencio, Craig Srebnik, Joel Adams, and others. NUDE has published interviews with popular culture icons such as Theodore Mann, Robert Wuhl, Ruby Dee, Sharon Waxman, and Jim Ladd.