Sunday, September 16, 2007

Carrie Leigh's "NUDE" Magazine - Out Now

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Finally! It is out.. Carrie Leigh, a long time friend has published a wonderful magazine called "NUDE". It is not a "nudie" magazine and not filled with the typical, commercial, Playboy or Penthouse work. It is a black and white, very high quality magazine featuring work of mostly photographers, from around the world. Names like Carrie Leigh, Dave Rudin, Jorris Van Dahle, Calvalto, Nick Ash, Norbert Guthier, Perry Gallager, Kim Westin, and legendary names like Stan Malinowski.

The magazine celebrates, artistically, the female form. I like to refer to the magazine as a quarterly "coffee table book". The quality is amazing from the work inside, to the print quality, to the paper and cover stock/ When you hold it, it doesn't feel like a magazine, but more like an soft cover art book.

I have two pieces and an interview in this issue. Following this, I will have a double page spread in every issue.. Cuz I'm cool like that. :D

Check my name out on the cover... If you can get past the cover model, Sydney<3.. . How beautiful is she.. What a great picture. Below is a list of locations in the United States of where to get this Magazine.. (Sold out, so I edited out locations 10/11/07)