Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Work in NUDE Magazine and subscriptions

First let me start out but saying how honored I am to be a part of NUDE Magazine. What an amazing Magazine, if you want to call it that. It is like I have said all along, it is more like a quarterly coffee table book. It doesn't even feel like a magazine. From the printing to the paper and cover stock it is amazing, and packed full of really amazing, talented photographers... And... Sydney <3 Brown, cover model...

Just as amazing is how fast the magazine sold out at the stands and book stores... Borders Books sold out all across the country. Copies are going for $15+ on the Internet. All I can say is get ready for the next one.. More great photography, more great art. Another spectacular cover model...

If you don't trust your news stands or want to take a chance on Borders having enough copies... NUDE is offering subscriptions now.. Check it out here


Now... Since the first issue is primarily sold out with the exception of a few copies that go to the first few subscription purchasers... I can share my interview.

The Art of Joel Adams

If one could choose their talent and be born into a family of that specific talent, then what we would have is an artist from birth. At NUDE we do have it in Joel Adams. Joel is an ongoing contributor to NUDE and we really wanted our readers to get a sneak peak into his life and we know, because we know Joel that before he could walk the legendary illustrator Neal Adams (Joel’s father) had a pencil in the babies hand. While others were out playing during their high school summer vacation Joel was working on advertising campaigns for major advertising agencies. What we wanted to know is why the offspring of one of America’s most talented families heart and soul is involved in illustrating the female form for NUDE.

CARRIE: Joel, we have known each other for years, it feels like I am interviewing my brother.

JOEL: (laughs)

CARRIE: What was your first professional job?

JOEL: At the age of sixteen while working summers in my fathers art studio, I drew a storyboard for a Toll House Cookies commercial. I was allowed to pretty much do the job myself. My first solo gig.

CARRIE: Very nice then what?

JOEL: After graduating from SVA in New York. I went to work back at my fathers company doing storyboards, comic book work and whatever else came through. After about a two years, I moved to Los Angeles to help run my fathers west coast studio. I did that for a few years.

CARRIE: Then what did you do?

JOEL: I had gone freelance for a bit, then had begun work in Animation as a Character designer

CARRIE: Television animation?

JOEL: Yes. My first job was for the "Incredible Hulk" animated series. Then moved on to shows like King of the Hill, Nascar Racers, Cyber9, etc... I did a lot of double duty working for both animation and licensing on most of the projects.

CARRIE: Do you find growth in your work?

JOEL: Yes, I am constantly experimenting with art, styles, mediums and working with new elements.

CARRIE: With all the mainstream art in your background what draws you to illustrating the nude female form?

JOEL: Love of the female form. I have always done it, always been obsessed with it. When most of my friends were drawing male superheroes, I was drawing women. I cant really think of anything more beautiful to draw. Not for me at least. I love to draw what I love to look at

CARRIE: What type of woman do you like to draw?

JOEL: I like strong women. Women who have a little bit of a darker side, maybe a little fetish to them. maybe a little Goth too.. Then tomorrow?.. Maybe an angelic blond. ;)

CARRIE: I notice that your feet and hands in your illustrations are amazing.

JOEL: Feet and hands are very important to me. My dad changed many things about the comic book world one of those were his drawings of dynamic hands, so I grew up with that as part of my focus.

CARRIE: It is in modeling too. Do you photograph your subjects and then draw?

JOEL: Yes, especially for the more realistic work.

CARRIE: So they need to know how to move their hands and place their feet?

JOEL: It is extremely important, sometimes, I have to demonstrate to the models how to do the movements I need. I am sure it can look funny sometimes.

CARRIE: What inspires you?

JOEL: Something that catches my eye, a look or a movement of a woman. Shapes, fashions, patterns. Most recently, my friends. One of my closest friends, at a time when I was really feeling dead creatively, posed for me. She was, at that time, very uncomfortable with her body and some weight she had gained, but she disrobed for me down to a pair of panties and posed. She was so uncomfortable but did it for me anyway, she was beautiful, and what I got from it was a piece that will always be one of my favorites. She is now, much more comfortable in her own skin and continues to inspire me. She is the muse for much of my recent work.

CARRIE: I welcome your ongoing contributions to NUDE and hope the readers enjoy your work as much as I do.

JOEL: Thank you

Below is the image I was talking about in the interview, but it didn't fit with the work I was showing.. But I can show it here.

I luvs ya Nikki.. Yer the best