Tuesday, October 23, 2007

NIMOY makes for a HOT winter at NUDE Magazine

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How hot is this.

Leonard Nimoy, most of us know him as the the emotionless yet lovable Vulcan first officer, Mr. Spock, of the original Starship Enterprise, in the the original series Star Trek. Some may know Leonard Nimoy as a director, directing Star Trek for television and movies, as well as directing "3 men and a baby". Some may also know Leonard Nimoy as a author and poet. But... Did you know he was a photographer? The people at NUDE Magazine surprised me with the announcement that they will not only have the work of Leonard Nimoy, but Carrie Leigh will be interviewing the director, author, poet,,, and photographer. Let me just let out an un-Vulcan "Wow!"

NUDE will also be stuffed with more great nude photography. Returning photographers Nick Ash and NUDE creator Carrie Leigh will have more work in it.

Of personal interest will be the work of and interview of artist and Internet copyright and image protection pioneer Anthony Guerra. This "Copyright Cowboy" is succeeding, where the music and entertainment industries are failing.

What else is there to say.. The cover model, Olga, is hot, and there will even be a new spread by me... :) Don't miss it!


The premier issue of NUDE Magazine sold out fast... really fast. So many people write me asking if I know where to get them. Aside from a few copies that are held for subscriptions, "not even sure they have any left", the premier issue is gone. Don't miss the winter issue. Don't count on your local news stand, get a subscription now and guarantee your issue. I would call this one a collectible.

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